Not just For Hair, This is Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the natural ingredients that are often found in beauty products. However, do you understand that the benefits of aloe vera are not only for beauty, but also for health in a total way? Yes, aloe vera is one of the conventional medicines for various health problems that people have been … Read more

The threat of routine consumption of packaged food

Everyone certainly has tried to eat packaged food at least once in his life. It can be in the form of juice, light meals, milk, to processed meats. In addition, packaged food is an option for workers with busy schedules and busy activities because they are considered more efficient. However, do you understand that packaged … Read more

7 Jenis Penyakit Kelamin yang Paling Umum

Penyakit kelamin dikenal pun dengan penyakit menular seksual. Terdapat sejumlah jenis penyakit kelamin yang umum diketahui. Penyakit kelamin adalahpenyakit yang diakibatkan oleh bakteri, virus, atau parasit yang lazimnya ditularkan melewati hubungan seksual melewati vagina, anal, dan oral. Beberapa penyakit kelamin bisa disembuhkan, tapi beberapa lain dapat mengakibatkan komplikasi parah. Berikut tujuh jenis penyakit kelamin, sebagaimana … Read more